Thursday, May 11, 2006

Take a lesson from....

In this here post 911 era, I am surprised that the chains are no longer stubtle. Still, as obvious as it seems that as we are enslaved today, people will defend the illusion of freedom. Are we all stupid? Blind? Did we in the past half a decade learn to that evil only wears a turban with a strap-on bomb to blow freedom loving people stuff? Speaking of which., could it be that the belief in that kind of evil (the turban, bomb strapping kind) has led us to:

Former administration officials contend that just
because Bush reserves the right to disobey a law does not mean he is not enforcing it: In many cases, he is simply asserting his belief that a certain requirement encroaches on presidential power.[...]

Legal scholars say the scope and aggression of Bush's assertions that he can bypass laws represent a concerted effort to expand his power at the expense of Congress, upsetting the balance between the branches of government. The Constitution is clear in assigning to Congress the power to write the laws and to the president a duty ''to take care that the laws be faithfully executed." Bush, however, has repeatedly declared that he does not need to ''execute" a law he believes is unconstitutional.

In otherwords, I George Bush the younger am commander in chief. You must do as I say not as I do because I am above all laws and you are not. That goes for you too congress, the judiciary and most of all patriotic Americans. In case you forgot, "patriotic" means never questioning the commander in chief as you send your sons and daughters to be cannon fodder in the fight against the turbaned and terrorist.

This is the illusion of freedom we're defending. I can imagine the Coutler types screaming 'get with the program because illusion is everything.

How is it that we accept such chains. It is that belief word? Just as our president feels he doesn't have to 'execute a law he BELIEVES is unconstitutional whether or not it actually is. We want to believe that no one could be so depraved to do the things 'conspiracy theorists' are accusing our government of doing. Help America survive the criminals in the white house and the sycophantic others who are supposed to make sure checks and balances occur. Don't just believe what you are told. Conspiracies do exist and it doesn't mean you're kooky for entertaining the possibility. You're kookier for believing the crap that we're fed everyday to keep us complacent.

Find out how we get infected by this illusion of freedom. The process is called political ponerology.

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