Thursday, August 04, 2005

Cleaning brains in France

I'm taking a trip away from the urban landscape to relax in France. I am listening to some Nina Simone as I prepare for the trip. She sings:

I'm here to tell you bout destruction

of all the evil that well have to end.

Some folks are gonna get the notion

I know they'll say I'm preachin hate.

If I have to swim the ocean

well I would just to communicate.

Its not as simple as just talking jive.

Its a daily struggle just to stay alive.

I'm singin bout a revolution

because I'm talking bout a change

Its more than just air pollution

Well you know you gotta clean your brain.

Nina Simone, Revolution

Well many are asking what is to be done to avert the disastrous path we have undertaken. Why is that no matter how hard some work to address the enslavement and suffering of so many life forms on earth, the principle of entropy ups the ante? All the while its agents work to distract us with stuff like changing tiles on a space shuttle. Even entropy must give way to creativity at some point, right? Chaos and destruction isn't forever in any one place but the question is how long must we endure since it seems to get worse each passing minute? Earth herself is responding as she must, by providing a counter force. But even this force appears chaotic and destructive. It can't be beneficial for those aligned with the gods of entropy through beliefs in the lies of its agents. The cosmos and mother earth will continue to heat up but global warming is only a tiny part of the cycle. Could the cyclic nature of destruction and rebirth the revolution Nina was talking about? Could she have been warning us that cleaning our brain was the only way to prepare?

What is brain cleaning anyway? There are many places that talk about ways to address the problems of the world, from calling on ascended masters of spirituality, to worldwide praying for peace. Nowhere it this encouraged more than in our land of the free, yet nothing has changed and America contributes the most to entropic of principles. Some here even pray for Armageddon but this isn't the brain cleaning that she was talking about.

Nina long ago saw what America and I add its allies waging "war on terror" represent in terms of enslavement of mind body and soul before she fled to France: "... all the evil that well have to end... that it's more than air pollution well you know you gotta clean your brain".
She went to France not because it was a bastion of protection from domination by those intent on evil enslavement. Neither did she give any indication that it would be safe from destruction or that it's more spiritual. No, she fled to France because she saw America for what it really was as opposed to what it has been sold to the world as being. She was rejecting entropy and France allowed a little breathing room to clean out her brain. It served this purpose for Nina and Gurdjieff even. So while it has its own entropic agents, creative agents seem to flock there in numbers. Maybe I'll even get to chat with a few in the land where Nina went to clean her brain. Afterall, I am due to shed the cloak of lies I'm fed on a daily basis by our free press.

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