Saturday, December 17, 2005

The science of evil-Ponerology

Do not honor our leaders, our military "geniuses," our captains of industry; they represent the most selfish faction among us. Many are sociopaths and the rest are mostly so; how else could they go through life choosing mass murder and oppression for greedy purpose? ----Chris Crittenden

Long time no blog. Been at the grind on this prison planet but I haven't forgotten the
struggle to break out. I've been studying the terrain that's all. A larg part of the terrain involves the problem of evil.

Often you hear this person is evil or that person is good. What makes a person evil and our world increasingly so? The psychologist Andrew Lobaczewski has spent considerable time researching the problem of evil and how it spreads in society. He calls this science ponerology. Although the linked article deals with political ponerology, it is interesting to see how evil invades all spheres of existence on our planet and how it is done through the psychopathic personality.

Many of the powerful used to care enough to pretend concern for others. In the process they sometimes serve others in a positive way. Lately however, the looking out for number one/self serving disregard for others displayed by leaders in all spheres of our society has been blatant to the point of the destruction of American society. This behavior has also trickled down to many of the prisioners on planet earth who take their cues from said leaders. At the other end are many others who don't take those cues but prefer to pretend these behaviors are not exhibited at all. These two issues I believe, and the author of ponerology indicates is at the essence of the problem of evi. Of the two, the latter is the most dangerous for it leaves us unprepared for dealing with the consequence of evil behavior.

For example, many refused to accept that our government would do some of the very things evidence is now showing it to be involved in. In fact many supported its activities and ostracized those who warned of the dangers a Bush government posed. Would the Bush government have been able to cause so much damage if enough Americans accepted its propensity for evil a long time ago?
Maybe it's time we all start learning about the nature of evil before it gets even worse. A good start is with studying psychopaths

Recommended reading:
The Sociopath Next Door -Martha Stout
Inside the Criminal Mind - Stanton Samenow
Antisocial Behavior-Benjamin B. Wolman
Trapped in the mirror-Elan Golomb
Unholy hungers-Barbara E. Hort
Without Conscience-Robert D. Hare
Mask of sanity- Hervey Cleckly found at
In sheep's clothing-George K. Simon
The cunning of history- Richard Rubenstein
By Way of Deception- Victor Ostrovsky

Saturday, October 08, 2005

science fiction and science reality

While I've gotten caught up in sci fi there is some real science going on that can seriously impact our lives, and may well be another tool of slavemasters to herd us into further control. It can also explain some strange immoral behaviors we see amongst our fellow so called humans. So what I really wanted to talk about before I did the Da Vinci redux yesterday is something I mentioned in response to a comment on these pages; It is the idea that science reality is stranger and scarier than any science fiction. I started thinking about this in earnest after reading Mind Parasites but if I wasn't thinking then, the headlines from the past two weeks would force anyone trying to get out of their enslavement to take serious stock of their reality. It is scary in it's implication for population control. Mind parasites indeed.,,1577753,00.html
Armed and dangerous - Flipper the firing dolphin let loose by Katrina

Experts who have studied the US navy's cetacean training exercises claim the 36 mammals could be carrying 'toxic dart' guns. Divers and surfers risk attack, they claim, from a species considered to be among the planet's smartest. The US navy admits it has been training dolphins for military purposes, but has refused to confirm that any are missing.
Bush says Pentagon could be put in charge of areas hit by avian influenza

President Bush, increasingly concerned about a possible avian flu
pandemic, revealed Tuesday that any part of the country where the virus breaks out could likely be quarantined and that he is considering using the military to enforce it. But such a shift could require a change in law, and some in Congress and the states worry it would increase the power of the federal government at the expense of local control.
On the heels of that ditty about military quarantines we hear a of a real feat in science regarding flu.
Scientists recreate virus that killed millions
Scientists say they have made a virus identical, in most key respects, to the Spanish flu virus that killed an estimated 20 million to 50 million people in 1918. An influenza ward in a U.S. Army Camp hospital in Aix-Les-Bains, France, in 1918. (U.S. National Museum of Health and Medicine) The purpose of the recreation, the researchers said, is to protect humanity from another world outbreak, which may be imminent because the virus is related to bird flu viruses that have been killing chickens and some humans.
To make sure that our minds are kept filled with fear of the terrorist issue we hear this:,3605,1585977,00.html
Security fears as flu virus that killed 50 million is recreated

The government and military researchers who reconstructed the virus say their work has already provided invaluable insight into its unique genetic make-up and helps explain its lethality. But other researchers warned yesterday the that virus could escape from the laboratory. "This will raise clear questions among some as to whether they have really created a biological weapon," said Professor Ronald Atlas at the centre for deterrence of biowarfare and bioterrorism at the University of Louisville in Kentucky
Worse you can't really think too much you may be labeled a terrorist because your mind isn't private, maybe it's not even your own. This one really got me since my thing is neuroscience. I wonder if they could scan Rove, Bush and pals brain. Then again isn't their lies obvious?
Brain imaging ready to detect terrorists, say neuroscientists

MRI scans can pick up lies, but raise ethical issues Brain-imaging techniques that reveal when a person is lying are now reliable enough to identify criminals, claim researchers. Critics maintain that the technique will never be useful for such investigations, arguing that, as with traditional polygraph detectors, liars could learn to fool the tests. And researchers in the field have previously admitted that the approach needs more work. But neuroscientists from the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine in Philadelphia have now
told Nature that they believe their test is ready for real-life scenarios.Daniel Langleben and his colleagues use functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to track people's brains when they lie and tell the truth. By analysing brain activity during both scenarios, they have developed an algorithm that can detect lies from truth with 99% accuracy...
As long as it's not used for further mind control Neuroscience rocks! But I would be really under an illusion if I thought it wasn't used for that. The good thing is we have an explanation for our president with this research.
Pathological liars found to have brain abnormalities

Oct. 2, 2005By Usha Sutliff/University of Southern Californiaand World Science StaffA study has found brain abnormalities in people who habitually lie, cheat and manipulate others. A three-dimensional MRI image of the brain (Courtesy University of Southern California) Previous research had shown that when normal people lie, there is heightened activity in the prefrontal cortex, a brain area that enables most people to feel remorse or learn moral behavior. The new study showed that the same brain area, just behind the forehead, exhibits structural differences among pathological liars, said the researchers.

I'm still waiting for a brain scan of our beloved president. Maybe he was a research subject.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Da Vinci code redux and other sci fi

Continuing with my SciFi theme, I recently read Colin Wilson's The mind parasites. If you haven't heard of it, it was first published in 1967, and is out of print. A synopsis can be found here:

If you're into all that government/elite military industrial corporate occult business you will find the book somewhat comical. If you think about the scenario that it proposes, something not far from the predator's mind of Carlos Castaneda's teachings of Don Juan or Gurdjieff's man as machine and food for the moon, it is downright scary. So I call it a comic horror with very relevant stuff. Sadly I was ingrigued but disappointed. It ended up supporting the idea that good guy scientists MUST plot with the US president to hoodwink the populace in order to save them. The salvation is from some "other" very bad humans not necessarily the mind parasites since the brilliant scientists are quite capable of taking care of them on their own. The president and the scientists save humanity from other bad humans by faking an alien invasion. Thus the populace was tricked into quitting a war they were insistent on fighting. Never mind it was a war other world leaders manipulated their citizens into to begin with.

Though my synopsis is rather simplistic, it's a good idea to read the book if you can get it. It forces you to think about stuff. Stuff that even if you don't believe it, and real life powerbrokers pretend is all bunk they spend a lot of time and money researching. Worse, they spit out disinfo regarding what they know about such stuff to draw our attention away from the real deal. One such book which does a good job in putting out intriguing ideas but draw attention away from the real deal is The Da vinci Code. I'll be honest, it's a fun fast paced read, much like Mind Parasites. Yet, I believe it is so popular because it presents a story with a ring of truth or rather attempts to reveal the real life mystery surrounding, the feminine principle, Christ, Da Vinci and god know what else Dan Brown could throw in. Who wouldn't want to know about that. Also like Mind Parasites, it is an adventure story involving world class academics who stumble upon a paradigm changing mystery. I won't go into much more detail about the book though since so many have already read it. There is however a real Da Vinci Code to contend with, which in my view the Dan Brown gets wrong. Laura Jadczyk's Secret History of the world and how to get out alive previously mentioned on these pages, is one book that points to the possibility of what the real code may be. I recently learned that there is an update of an article concerning the very topic and it's well worth the read.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Disasters and Talents: a parable

When emotions rule alone,

-----Lauren Olamina Bankole, Parable of the Talents

If readers of this blog have taken a cursory look at my profile they will see that I am somewhat a fan of science fiction and mysticism. It is interesting because I am a student and a scientist. I am a sci fi fan because in such writings I often find a more objective portrayal of our current reality than in the news. It often speaks to someone with a mystical bent and it includes science even if at time the science is often wrong. Writer Octavia Butler is one of my favorite sci fi authors. I recently read the sequel to her Earthseed series Parable of the Sower. It is titled Parable of the Talents.

Parable of the Sower details a young woman's philosophical journey and loss of everything meaningful growing up in dystopian California. Talents is about her work to fulfill the destiny of what she discovered on the journey. By paying attention to objective reality, she discovers that standard organized religions do not and cannot work because they are not life affirming. They do not better the lot of man because they deny god. Sounds crazy that religions deny god right? For her god is just plain and simple change. Most people can't handle this. For the few than can imagine this intellectually, it's still difficult to incorporate in our practical existence. The idea that we must work hard on one direction but always be prepared or willing to change because someone (god) isn't going to come and rescue us from all of life's ills is a difficult one. However it is a necessay concept to put into practice for future existance. It reminds me of a saying by a real life group that experiment in science and mysticism called the
cassiopaeans. They say that:
"Life is
religion. Life experiences reflect how one interacts with God.
Those who are asleep are those of little faith in terms
of their interaction with the creation.
Some people think that the world exists for them
to overcome or ignore or shut out.
For those individuals, the worlds will cease.
They will become exactly what they give to life.
They will become merely a dream in the 'past.'
People who pay strict attention to objective reality right and left,
become the reality of the future."

Getting back to the story:
After discovering that mankind's destiny is to move beyond the earth and populate the stars, the heroine begins to work on herself and help others who choose to develop their talents even if she doesn't know exactly how to begin getting to the stars and she isn't sure she is doing the right thing. It shows that what allows for our evolution is nurture of our talents within the bounds of objective reality here and now on earth. She practices the idea that:

"Chaos is god's most dangeros face
Amorphous, roiling, hungry
Shape chaos,shape god
Alter the speed or direction of change
Recombine the seeds of change
Transmute the impact of change
Seize change, use it, adapt and grow."

Thus Talent picks up where Sower left off so you get to see her struggles to fulfill the destiny in post-acpocalypse California. Here the US has sold the last of it's space shuttles to finance its wars. The average person cannot read much less imagine realistic space travel. The nation is a shell of itself after environmental(due to global warming), nuclear( due to wars) and biological (plagues of pox) catastrophies. The resulting social upheaval makes the recent events in New Orlearns due to hurricane Katrina seem like heaven. There is also the election campain and eventual presidencey of a warmongering christian fundamentalist Texan who knows how to manipulate people's perceptions with his lies. In this society, not so vastly different from ours I must say, it is mostly the wealthy that have a measure of real living; everyone else is just trying to survive. Rape, murders, witch burning (so there are slight differences), kidnapping and actual slavery are rampant. Yes slavery ! and it ain't just blacks. Everyone is vulnerable to enslavement except for the ruling elites or corporate heads. The Texan's goons are the most efficient slavemasters. Their acts comitted in the name of returning the nation to its great christian past are unconstitutional. The blinded believers, including the heroine's brother refuse to believe the horrible acts are commiteed by these christian leaders and their friends. Sadly like we see in today's USA nominally led by a christian fundamentalist Texan, when you're rich and powerful enough and most of the populace is kept scared about natural and man made disasters such as hurricanes and terrorists, the constitution is just something written on a piece of paper. People disappear without anyone knowing.

The book was informative because it shows how easy it is to enslave others or allow ourselves to be enslaved when disasters are happening all around you. The first trap is looking outside oneself be rescued. Such a situation is ripe for manipulation by anyone claiming to have a sure shot solution because we become vulnerable to burying our talents by believing lies. It prevents us from paying attention to objective reality and as such we set ourselves up to become what the cassiopaeans would call a "dream in the past". Lauren Olamina in Talents warns:

"Choose your leaders with wisdom and forethought
To be led by a coward is to be controlled by
all that the coward fears.
To be led by a fool is to be led by the opportunists that control the fool
To be led by a thief is to offer up your most precious treasures to be stolen
To be led by a liar is to ask to be told lies
To be led by a tyrant is to sell yourself and those you love into slavery."
The book shows that our responsibilities are to multiply our talents or lose them if we bury them. To not bury our talents means working HARD on being truly human and being of service to others. It means not holding on so tightly to one thing (beliefs) that in the end it proves to be worthless. When we do this we look for external saviours and we become their slaves. The story shows how people with nothing discover that they have much to give and can be of service if they develop their talents. Also you see how being concerned with serving self is slavery because when we seek to serve only self we end up as fodder for those further up in the hierarchy of self service. We become become "echos of ourselves" or a "dream in the past." Lauren says:
All too often we say what we hear other say
We think what we're told to think
We see what we're permitted to see
Worse! We see what we're told to see
Repeitition and pride are the keys to this
To hear and see an obviouslie
Again and again and again
may be to say it almost by reflex
Then to defend it because we've said it
And at last to embrace it because we've defended it
because we cannot admit that we've embraced
and defended an obvious lie.
Thus, without thought, without intent
we make mere echoes of ourselves
and we say what we hear others say."
Nowhere is this more evident that in today's society led by the spin of a bunch of christian fundamentalist and corporate heads who control our leading fool.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Katrina and 911 part II

I previously talked about the fallout from hurricane Katrina. This week it seems our president is trying to make amends and cover his a***. I don't believe it for a minute because it is eerily familiar. It's like when the disaster occurred on 911 and he began his claims about the poor Iraqis suffering under Saddam "soon to nuke us" Hussein as an excuse for war. In a similar vein the Katrina debacle is being used to conduct military operations against American citizens on American soil. After 911 so powerful these neo-cons have become that even the fourth estate has acquiesced. I found it interesting that so many well known media people, those most in a position to highlight what has been happening to this country, were marginalized, retired or just died under mysterious (Hunter S. Thompson) or not so mysterious (Peter Jennings)circumstances. Even with the slight rumbles being heard from conventional media people you've gota ask questions. Below is the latest from retired Tom Brokaw. It's also interesting he was only able to say this after leaving his job.

"Our national leaders and their hired guns create fears and exploit them," Brokaw said. "Politics always has been a rough business, but now it's a cold, take-no-prisoners attitude."
This is exactly what the events of 9/11/2001 created, the "take no prisoners attitude" with the result being Katrina like situations. Not only have these so called leaders shown total irresponsibility, they just don't give a hoot. Our government declared war on American civil liberties disguised as war on terror. With Katrina,this phase of the war is called better disaster preparedness with military involvement. What is the truth of that fateful day in September four years ago? What is the truth of what is happening now? Could it be that there is also a major issue with the state of our nation's finances. Are our brazen leaders aware of how people will behave when they can't afford food as meteors, hurricanes, earthquakes and tsunami's are approaching? Is all this stuff including draining our treasury and increasing militarization on American soil preparation for this? Is it something else and are other nations involved? I am afraid events during this administration's rule is already like many past events which clearly pointed to a conspiracy but is too muddled with emotional reactions,lies and manipulations to make heads or tails of. We may never get to the bottom of it all but there are hints at one or two places to look.
Note the following concerning a group of people caught celebrating the event at the towers burned: We can sort of call them Arab terrorists even if they're most likely Israeli spies.

Mysterious 911 moving van operator reportedly back in theUS After the Israelis were detained for several months in Brooklyn as terrorist suspects, they were quickly deported to Israel. After the FBI questioned Suter on September 11, he fled the United States on September 14, 2001. The FBI was due to question Suter again before he fled the country. Later, Federal law enforcement agents discovered pipes, caps, explosive chemical materials, and traces of anthrax at the Weehawken warehouse. Suter's name and those of some of his moving employees
turned up in a CIA database of foreign intelligence agents. Suter's name also appeared on an FBI 9-11 terrorism suspect list. "Suter ran the Weehawken, NJ-based moving company on 9-11 when a number of Urban Moving Systems vans were spotted around north Jersey before and after the hijacked planes struck the World Trade Center. One Urban Moving van was seen at Liberty State Park in Jersey City as the first plane hit the towers. The five occupants, all Israeli nationals, were seen videotaping and celebrating the attack and were dressed in
Arab clothing. The five were later arrested near Giant Stadium in East
Rutherford, NJ. One of the Israelis told police they were at Liberty State Park to "document the event."
So 9/11 speculations continue, our rights diminish and we become further enslaved as the USA marches on to third world status and the whole world burns. We can look forward to more Katrina like events and I don't mean just the natural disaster part. Though there's more of that to come too considering our regards for environment. The question is who gains the most or is seeking to gain the most in all of this?

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Katrina and 9/11 part I

We just had another 9/11 anniversay and we are still primed to mistrust an Arab or muslim looking person. Meanwhile our nation and the earth in fact, continue falling apart as evidenced by Hurricane Katrina. The Privateer put it succinctly when it says:
"The facade is washed away". What is left is devastation made much
worse by a desperate government need to "control" the situation and worse still, by their attempts to control the perceptions of those involved in it and witnessing it.

The events of 9/11/2001 ushered in a more intensive phase in the way in which the elite manipulate and control the populace via control of our perceptions. The goals of the neo-cons at one time just goals, was accomplished that day. In the midst of suffering, disbelief, denial and urge for someone to do something about our crazy world (read: environment, disease, poverty), there is a lockout on basic rights for mainly the muslim or arabs. There was a reduction in the rights of everyday Americans as well. We were however, distracted by fear of those same Arab/Muslim terrorists who could get us at anytime because they hate our freedoms. By implication they were also jealous of American wealth. Mr President, do you think they still want to get us now that we have very little freedoms left to hate and as the New Privateer Global Report newsletter details, little wealth as well?

Before I go into the issue of wealth keep this in mind:

Just as the Iraq War has been a Petri Dish for the neoconservative foreign policy agenda, rebuilding the Gulf Coast in the wake of Hurricane Katrina could prove to be the mother of all testing grounds for a passel of active Heritage Foundation's domestic policy initiatives.

This stuff is about more control by the neo cons and their policies.Now to get to the facade of American wealth. You need to subscribe to get the full report but you can get free sample here. I would advise anyone interested in the state of our economy and the social crisis that is bound to result, that is happening now (review the hurricane Katrina gulf coast situation) to subscribe while they can. Some of the current report below:

....The 26-nation NATO alliance said it too had received a request for
aid from Washington. A statement from Brussels (NATO Headquarters) said that the United States has asked for NATO relief support in the form of food rations (yes - FOOD rations) for the thousands of people evacuated from the Gulf Coast.

According to European diplomats, badly needed foreign aid has been delayed for many days by backlogged US federal agencies. This includes a complete portable Swedish water purification system with its own energy supply, a full German cellular telephone network and two Canadian rescue ships. Canadian doctors and specialised emergency personnel have been held at the border.Still They Came - Even The Poor

Bangladesh, one of the world's poorest countries where millions of people live on a monsoon and flood prone delta, has pledged $US 1 million to Katrina's victims and offered to send its specialist rescuers to inundated areas.

We got used to images of these things happening "over there" i.e Iraq. Our good fortune is part of the reason acording to the neo-con "they" attacked us. Their government could only exploit the people and harbor terrorist so we were saving these people from their governments. Can you see how brutal it gets when ones life, way of life is on the line, look at New Orleans. We also saw how callous and indifferent government and the wealthy elite can be when it's not their house, or job that is threatened. When the neo cons speak of the greedy and evil governments in poor countries exploiting their people, they are really describing themselves. Who is going to save us from our evil leaders? We better get up to the challenge ourselves because it's about to get worse. Consider the Iraq war and the present hurricane induced energy crisis. That can and will impact the economy resulting in further societal breakdown. In the meantime the wealthy elites will look on from the safety of their presidential jets, helicopters and big houses (a la the Bush in the gulf coast) while making plans which may result in more disasters.

The White House has told US refiners to postpone all their scheduled maintenance in a drive to maximise petrol and diesel production in the wake of hurricane Katrina. This is, potentially, a deadly dangerous move. The entire system is now labouring under a "diminished capacity". To throw maintenance out of the window in what now remains of the rest of the US refinery system - already working flat out trying to cover for the lost output of the refineries missing in action - is to expose the remainder of the system to more and possibly full production breakdown. If any more US refineries suffer a full breakdown, the US eastern seaboard is cruising towards a systemic crash.

By this order, one which no politician would dare to make in an even "semi-free" society, the Bush Administration hopes to have enough refined oil in hand at the end of this period to keep prices down. We in this position precisely because of Bush's fight against terrorists. Note we are not free for no leader in even a "semi-free society" would dare what ours do. The Privateer asks:

Do you remember the message as the government ramped up spending in the wake of 9/11? It went along these lines: "Money is no object - FREEDOM has been attacked".

Our fate in the long run may not be much different than those who suffered Katrina or worse the citizens of Iraq. Money is no object now in rebuilding New Orleans. Why? Is it because Carl Rove infamous for patronage, lies and manipulations will be in charge? See for more details.

Anyway, more from the privateer:

The official estimate is that the war in Iraq and Afghanistan has cost $US 300 Billion. Now, so far unofficial estimates are claiming that the "final" cost of the Katrina devastation could be another $US 300 Billion. With just under three weeks to go in fiscal 2005, the increase in US Treasury debt for the year
stands at $US 571 Billion.

There is also trillions in national debt. As for Katrina recovery:

Mr Bush signed an Executive Order on September 8 which permits FEDERAL CONTRACTORS rebuilding in New Orleans and elsewhere in the Gulf States to pay below the "prevailing" (read minimum) wage. This "accomplishes" a number of things. It ensures that only those firms "approved" by Washington DC will get the contracts.

Keep in mind that many of Katrina's victims were stuck because they were too poor to get out. Their jobs, if they had any were minimum wage. Then keep in mind that it's the favorite companies of Bush and pals that reap the profits, companies like Blackwater security, The Shaw group, Halliburton et al. Some concerns about it was even published in the NY Times.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Prophecies and FEMA

So I've been back after a brief rest outside of the land of the free-dom-less. My oh my have the landscape changed. The head of FEMA rolled after major disaster where the agency has once again shown it's inaptitude for preparing for its own predictions.
Citizens of California beware; FEMA predicted and earthquake for you.

Lets see their latest record

PREDICTION: new York city and WTC RESULT: The world trade center on 9/11/01
is a terrorist target.
PREDICTION: Flooding after storm or RESULT:Katerina-need I say more?
Hurricane will devastated
New Orleans
PREDICTION: massive eradicated California RESULT: Still waiting

Now FEMA is just one agency and their legendary ineptitude goes beyond any unqualified head or lousy US president. They and many others are responsible but there is more here. We are responsible for paying attention too so we don't fall for their lies. We must ask when greed and neglect allow natural disasters like New Orleans to become downright hell on earth, someone benefits. Who? Someone benefits when you see your fellow citizens or "refugees" evacuees or whatever they are calling them this week, rounded up and taken to camps (caveat here but even if untrue, the "shelters" are refugee camp like). Who? When those who are supposed to help the victims subject them to conditions most indusive to violence and rioting, someone benefits. Who? Why were so many guns available to those who could hardly feed themselves? But I digress:

When victims, are fed junk food, are not allowed to leave the area but given cell phones and money to essentially "stay in their place"all because they have nowhere else to go even if they wanted to, we have a problem. Someone benefits !!! With each new emergency, the same group of people benefit while our so called freedom suffers further decline. When it's a FEMA predicted disaster the point it is even more obvious. FEMA doesn't manage emergencies they help create 'em or make natural ones much worse so their masters can institute greater lock down. They and other government agencies have predicted a disaster in one of the largest states. hoo boy....

Now why I would put the image of a book on 911 when writing about FEMA? It gives evidence as to the real beneficiaries of recent disasters. Ms Knight-Jadczyk has a way with research and tracking clues. I have mentioned her previous work here. After reading 911 the Ultimate Truth you will certainly get an idea about predictions and prophecies and those with the capability to make them come true in some way shape or form. FEMA is only the tip of the iceberg.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Cleaning brains in France

I'm taking a trip away from the urban landscape to relax in France. I am listening to some Nina Simone as I prepare for the trip. She sings:

I'm here to tell you bout destruction

of all the evil that well have to end.

Some folks are gonna get the notion

I know they'll say I'm preachin hate.

If I have to swim the ocean

well I would just to communicate.

Its not as simple as just talking jive.

Its a daily struggle just to stay alive.

I'm singin bout a revolution

because I'm talking bout a change

Its more than just air pollution

Well you know you gotta clean your brain.

Nina Simone, Revolution

Well many are asking what is to be done to avert the disastrous path we have undertaken. Why is that no matter how hard some work to address the enslavement and suffering of so many life forms on earth, the principle of entropy ups the ante? All the while its agents work to distract us with stuff like changing tiles on a space shuttle. Even entropy must give way to creativity at some point, right? Chaos and destruction isn't forever in any one place but the question is how long must we endure since it seems to get worse each passing minute? Earth herself is responding as she must, by providing a counter force. But even this force appears chaotic and destructive. It can't be beneficial for those aligned with the gods of entropy through beliefs in the lies of its agents. The cosmos and mother earth will continue to heat up but global warming is only a tiny part of the cycle. Could the cyclic nature of destruction and rebirth the revolution Nina was talking about? Could she have been warning us that cleaning our brain was the only way to prepare?

What is brain cleaning anyway? There are many places that talk about ways to address the problems of the world, from calling on ascended masters of spirituality, to worldwide praying for peace. Nowhere it this encouraged more than in our land of the free, yet nothing has changed and America contributes the most to entropic of principles. Some here even pray for Armageddon but this isn't the brain cleaning that she was talking about.

Nina long ago saw what America and I add its allies waging "war on terror" represent in terms of enslavement of mind body and soul before she fled to France: "... all the evil that well have to end... that it's more than air pollution well you know you gotta clean your brain".
She went to France not because it was a bastion of protection from domination by those intent on evil enslavement. Neither did she give any indication that it would be safe from destruction or that it's more spiritual. No, she fled to France because she saw America for what it really was as opposed to what it has been sold to the world as being. She was rejecting entropy and France allowed a little breathing room to clean out her brain. It served this purpose for Nina and Gurdjieff even. So while it has its own entropic agents, creative agents seem to flock there in numbers. Maybe I'll even get to chat with a few in the land where Nina went to clean her brain. Afterall, I am due to shed the cloak of lies I'm fed on a daily basis by our free press.

Saturday, July 23, 2005

The tricks of Carl Rove are common on the web

This isn't really about Rove, just some tactics I've observed on the web that comes close to his. You know the act; accuse someone of something you are doing or would like to do yourself. The poor victim spends all his time defending his good name while the accuser does his dirty deeds unnoticed. No matter how much the victim show proof of his innocence the accuser screams his lies loud enough that the proof of innocence is seen by others as evidence supporting the lie.

There was an article in the NY times that describes how such a thing can happen. Yeah I know it's the mouthpiece of the enslaved who think they're free but it does have good stuff every so often. The article was what other people say may change what you see. It's a good explanation of groupthink and what I meant about proof of a victim's innocence being seen as the supporting evidence for his guilt. It's a topsy turvy world and this article came to mind after a friend recently told me about an internet rumour. She found and believed some slander against a group of people whose work she previously respected. I must admit it seemed initially to be a juicy piece of gossip as such can be, if it's not about you. When I began to look into it some more, it turned out to be disgusting and much more insidious than juicy gossip. What does this have to do with a Carl Rove style con?

We'll see.

I sometimes mention articles from this website on this blog. I also email friends and family when I fiind something very interesting about aspects of our enslavement, be it from that site or from a book. I was suprised to get an email from a friend and fellow Signs reader informing me that it's owned and operated by UFO cult leaders. She proceeded to inform me of all sorts of misdeeds committed by Laura Knight Jadczyk. Surprised and worried that I may have been duped by the logical and pretty much accurate material about the state of our world from that website, I asked where she got the info from and if she read the site's articles about their experiences with critics. She responded "it's all over the web, just do a search. " So I searched all over the web. You can too if so inclined. Anyway, I found stuff written by mostly ex members of the Signs owner's egroup pointing to the inherent evil of the signs owners. I also saw first hand what the signs owners were talking about in their various articles relating their experiences with said critics.

Now maybe they are evil and I am not in a position to know more than what they put out on their website and discuss on their public forums. I did however, compare it to what the others were saying. Consider though that we are enslaved, consider how what people say affects what you see, consider the various ways we are induced to serve the system by participating in discrediting those who do anything that may remotely help us in our work on becoming free. Consider how others may see the signs as a threat to the status quo.

Anyway, as I wanted to see what my friend's fuss was about, I also looked into who was discussing the Jadczyks work, what these critics work consisted of and so on. Afterall, one is allowed to be a critic but even the critic must hold themselves to the same standards they demand of those they are critiquing. As I said most of the critics were ex egroup members who are quite loud and insistent about the Jadczyks evilness. There are also a few defending the Jadczyks though not as loudly but defending nonetheless. That would make you wonder right? Why don't the Jadczyks get out and defend themselves. But then I realized the Jadczyks put up a Signs Of The Times page almost every day. They write articles and books and Mr Jadczyk does scientific research. They had also addressed their critics on their website. What have these ex egroup members done to date?

They tell you what to see based on what they say, either because they are saying it or they claim to have direct experience with the Jadczyks or have friends who had. Some critics say they don't know the Jadczyks but that their behavior sounds similar to experiences they have had with others so that makes them qualified to critique. One ex member has a reputation as a magical researcher and has done quite a bit in the field. I think he had the biggest issue with the Jadczyks because they were looking into similar topics but his magical background made Jadczyks want to distance themselves. He has also proven himself to not be so trustworthy either. In fact he sounds just as scary as he accuse the Jadczyks of being. But I give him credit for doing something since he has a web site about mystery schools and the like. Another critic is a webmaster linked with the former. He runs of various sites dedicated to bashing the Jadczyks. So he is a techie webmaster. Another is a writer who writes about UFO cults. I guess she is in a position to save us from listening to anything people like the Jadczyks have to say. Ok maybe that writer has our interest at heart but her writing doesn't seem to address anything the Jadczyks have to say about the state of our reality and the signs of the times. Instead it's purely character assasination. How learning to see what is going on around the world makes one a cult victim is beyond me at the moment. There are others too who also participate in the 'critique' by siding with those mentioned above but seem to do very little.

The Jadczyks on the other had are owners of an extensive and I mean extensive website that promotes objectivity by showing news stories from around the world along with their commentaries. They show by example their own battle against subjectivity. They are pretty tough on the religious and political leaders in our society and they have strong ideas as to why we are in this state of slavery. That will surely rattle a few cages. They also have an interactive page where one can discuss the articles or anything else as well as various egroups. One need not join the egroup to benefit from the service they provide through Signs of the times. So what if they believe in UFOs some of their critics do as well? So what if they also ask for donations? Some of their critics do as well. Even if you don't believe in UFOs and never join their egroups, the signs of the times is informative and helpful. I also saw for myself that if they are found in error they don't deny it or cover it up. They take responsibility and urge their readers to seek the truth and not just accept what the they say.

Through the accusations and name calling, when all is said an done it is the work that people do that is importnat to me. The people at signs of the times have only served to further those seeking truth and freedom. While the actions of these former egroup members seem to be about destroying this group's reputation. It is like Rove's role in destroying anyone that challenges the neo-con agenda via rumors, innuendoes and twisted logic. It is done with the aim of destroying the modicum of 'freedom' us slaves were allowed under the flawed but somewhat workable document called the US Constitution. As limited as that document is, it is better than the homeland security act but if you mention that, or mention how bad homeland security and the so called war on terror is, you are are labeled as being "with them" meaning terrorist. Just like those ex group members use the cult word.

The Signs of the times pages aren't perfect, it is better than a lot of those so called sites that claim to give us the truth or help set us free. That these former egroup members remind me of Rove and gang is a little harsh I know. These people may have ligitimate complaints but based on what I've seen so far it looks like a case of "believe what I say and if you don't you're a cult victim" rather than "I have this issue with the signs people." Like homeland security, they feel it their duty to monitor what you read or do and put you in a category.

From the discussions I've seen by the Jadzcyks critics, if you or anyone has anything positive to say about the Jadczyks, they label you cult member or soon to be cult member even if you don't participate on the so called cult's egroup. Such absolutes I can only chalk up to COINTELPRO or something like it. That is why I say Roves tricks are common on the web.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

You lied, America Died

I can't get this song out of my head. Maybe it's because it so aptly describes the action of the overseers and it sounds great too.

From the folks who brought you pentagon strike and the signs of the times

You lied words & music by Signs of the Times

You told the world Saddam had chemical bombs
To kill us all in our homes, on our farms
You said he sent his men into the heavens
big planes crashing down, September 11

You lied, You lied,
People died, When Bush lied
I've got some questions, wipe that smirk off your face
Betraying your people, that's a real disgrace
See I'm having a hard time finding that plane
you said hit the Pentagon, bursting into flames
Vapourising the aircraft, didn't leave no remains
But the bodies appear not to burn quite the same
More lies Yeah, yeah, more lies
America died, When Bush lied
And talk about mir'cles, did you see how they fell,
the three towers in New York, those charges worked well
Flattened out in a straight line, just like it was planned
Did you think we were so stupid that we wouldn't understand
And it's a pity about the folks there on Flight 93,
Just as they took back control, you blew them to smithereens
You lied, You lied
Heroes died, when Bush lied
You say Osama is living in a place you have traced
But you don't go and get him, it seems such a waste
Could it be it's because he's still one of your men
A C-I-A asset just like he was then
He endorsed your campaign in a last minute pitch
Is he just one more man who has gotten quite rich
From your lies, Your lies
Freedom died, from your lies
How about those Israelis dancing to their success,
On the rooftops of Jersey, they created a mess
So you sent them back home with a slap on the wrist
Told the cops not to bother, 'cause they don't exist
It's a lie, You lied
Justice died, when you lied
Now people are dying through your crimes in Iraq
You've killed more than Saddam, though you don't care to keep track
Cause they're only some Arabs in a faraway land
That Yahweh has promised to his chosen band
While Sharon and his cronies pull on your strings
When he opens his mouth your whole government sings
His lies, His lies
Palestinians die, With Bush lies
Next time you talk to your God, I've got a question for him
What side is he on or does it change on a whim'
There's a whole lot of people, suff'rin here in his name
What kind of pyscho is he that he's playing this game
It sounds more like the devil is guiding your hand
Destruction and death are the plagues of the land
of your lies, your lies
Children die, When Bush lies
You see, Mr President, there's something amiss
Two elections you lost, but you overcame this
By rigging the vote, not counting the blacks
You've ensured two full terms, the dry drunk is back
And now they're changing the laws to get you a third
The brown shirts are charging at the front of the herd
of your lies, your lies
Democracy dies, When Bush lies
The question remains what can we do about this
Most people refuse to consider this list
They're lost in illusion, can't recognise proof
so we offer this song to all who stand for the truth
No more lies, No more lies
Must we all die, Because of your lies
No more lies, No more lies
Must we all die, Because of your lies
Your lies...

copyright 2005 Signs of the Times

Monday, July 04, 2005

oh say can you see

Following my own advice to learn about brain and behavior, I started searching for something to explain the actions of the people we have in power. The state we find ourselves in this fourth of july can't possibly be due to run of the mill greed. I searched various sources on brain and behavior research to see if the actions of our leaders today is in anyway DSM-IV classifiable.

Study after study shows that the behaviors exhibited by our leaders are similar to those exhibited by a certain class of people-narcissistic psychopaths. I also found an interesting link on Laura Knight Jadczyk's site about a narcissistic, psychopathic kid who killed his grandparents. Jadczyk also has pages upon pages devoted to the topic of psychopathy. Diminishing freedom for most while wealth increases for a select few reminds me of how little we have to celebrate. Could "the few" that are leading us today be mostly psychopaths? If you don't know read on.

As I research psychopaths, I can see how important it is to have some knowledge about such people. We must know what we are dealing with if we want to avoid further victimization by people of the lie as Dr. M Scott Peck called them.

According to the linked article on psychopaths;

They are manipulative, confrontational, show a lack of empathy and are pre-occupied with success, power, brilliance, ideal love and beauty.

When you read the research below which is just one of many, which formerly alcoholic leader do you think of?

Alcoholism may therefore be part of a spectrum of disinhibitory psychopathy which is characterized by reduced central serotonergic activity, and has a familial or genetic component.
Of not then consider Brian Blackwell in a different light as the article proposed

....Yet imagine for a moment that Brian Blackwell was the CEO of a corporation or a member of the government of one of the world's most powerful nations. In such a case, he would be in a much better position to not only cover up his crime, but to cover up the fact that he was a psychopath. Armed with access to a controlled press and with a national security apparatus at his beck and call, he could commit the most heinous crimes on a massive scale and still convince most of the world that he was an good and decent individual.
Oh say can you see.....

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Tom Cruise, aliens and perception

First I must let you know that I love neuroscience but more on that later.

Keeping on a the science fiction theme or rather not so fictional considering our current reality, I was wondering about the latest on Tom Cruise. You can't turn around without another person citing his bizarre behavior. Personally I think the guy was always bizarre considering his scientology affiliation and so so acting. Now the talk is of his belief in aliens.

So what? That isn't as bizarre as it sounds. Only now you have a link between his alien beliefs and his strange behavior. Coupled with the chemicals emotions ( based on a neuroscience study) women, and even the men who swoon at the mere mention of his name but are puzzled by his latest antics can all sigh in relief. That explains it. To believe in aliens means you are bizarre, not reasonable or rational. Plus, Tom is in love. That alone can make anyone irrational.

Tom's sure to be blockbuster was released today and in promotions he has been talking about all sorts of stuff. He has loads of fans and people who listen to what he says even if it's kind of strange (to many) of late. Recent neuroscience research revealed that what someone else says may change what you see. People may perceive a thing incorrectly just because someone said it is something other than what is.

We like to think that seeing is believing," said Dr. Gregory Berns, a psychiatrist and neuroscientist at Emory University in Atlanta who led the study.

But the study's findings, he said, show that seeing is believing what the group tells you to believe.

For a person like me who loves to learn about how the brain works, and how it may help us to become free, this study was a biggie. Another thing that is interesting in light of this is that many people listened to shrub's talk last night. It was more of what a certain group in Washington wants us to believe about the war on terror. This perception thing explains why so many prisoners of the American kind believe there is a link between Sept 11th and Iraq. Such perceptions give us justification of countless barbarous acts in our name. We also accept increasing slavery because of it. Soon we'll be perceiving aliens all aroud us too. Oh wait, many already perceive and even experience them. Some even think they'll save us from this mess. For how many is the perception based on a rational intelligent study of the phenomenom? Maybe it's because someone like Tom Cruise says they probably exist. What about those who think such beliefs mean you're nuts? Is that because the government says they don't exist?

I've never seen an alien so I can only speculate about their existence. Most days though I think what we call western civilization itself is alien. With the state of the world led by freedom free USA, who doesn't sometimes wonder if our government haven't been taken over by psychopathic aliens out to get us. Maybe they're just in love with something. War maybe? Do I sound as bizarro as Tom?

Want my opinion on the alien issue? I'm gonna give it anyway. I really think they exist in the white house.


But seriously we all can do with a good study of how the brain works, beliefs, perceptions, aliens and even the doings of our "alien" leadership in freedom free land. A good place to start can be found at

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Freedom free USA

I love science fiction but lately reality in the USA seems like something out of a Philip K. Dick novel. The talented Phil in Radio Free Albemuth was expressing a feeling I and countless hidden others are feeling right now. I can even imagine bloggers like Radio free writing something similar to the following after Iraq has been wiped off the map, Iran has been conquered in the war on terror which has moved on to the home front while most Americans still believe they're free. We only need to subsititute the year 1968 with 2005, F.F. F with G.W.B, the dreaded Aramchek for an Arab terrorist or Al Qaeda, and the reference to Vietnam with...well, you get the picture.

From Radio free Albemuth

The human being has an unfortunate tendency to wish to please.

I was in effect exactly like those captured Americans: a prisioner of war. I had become that in November 1968 when F.F.F got elected. So had we all; we now dwelt in a very large prison, without walls, bounded by Canada, Mexico and two oceans. There were jailers, the turnkeys, the informers, and somewhere in the Midwest the solitary confinement of the special internment camps. Most people did not appear to notice. Since there were no literal bars or barbed wire, since they had committed no crimes, had not been arresteed or taken to court, they did not grasp the change, the dread transformation, of their situation. It was the classic case of a man kidnapped while standing still. Since they had been taken nowhere, and since they themselves had voted the new tyranny into power, they could see nothing wrong. Anyhow, a good third of them, had they known, would have thought it was a good idea. As F.F. F told them, now the war in Vietnam could be brought to an honorable conclusion, and, at home, the mysterious organization Aramchek could be annihilated. The Loyal Americans could breathe freely again. their freedom to do as they were told had been preserved.

Now what happens if you don't do as told?

To the tune of Guantanamera, the Wycleff Jean version.

is where you gon' disappeara
If you write the word Al Qaeda

Ok I'll stop. But we've been freedom free and will continue to be for a long while yet in this science fiction like reality.

Friday, June 03, 2005

What's coming?

More wars to justify slavery
See the movie and view what the neo-cons have in mind for us all. Life and debt and don't forget much death.

Remerciez les Francais. La resistance n'est pas morte

Saturday, May 21, 2005

The Trap

I haven't written anything in a while. The world is still here with more of the same. Thank goodness many continue to question and share their discoveries about the truth of our predicament while I have taken a break. It seems I have been trapped in the daily grind that is becoming more difficult to navigate. Here in the beast empire as the Laura Knight-Jadczyk so nicely describes the US, the daily grid is like trying to run a fifty yard dash in a few seconds while knee deep in molasses on a cold day. The vice grip of slavery gets tighter and my country mates haven't noticed a thing.

Let's see what my fellow Americans are preoccupied with this weekend.

The latest star wars movie opened and there are some interesting parallels between the hero's seduction by the dark side, and the role of individual Americans in the state of the world. The internal struggles Anakin faced was dampened by his self importance. He believed that he could help save the world and bring democracy by taking an absolutist stance. This doomed him to failure because self importance blinds one from seeing the consequence of one's choices. It prevents us from seeing that we are by our choices responsible for the way things are. Thus before we can begin to do anything about the world, we have to be know who we are and how we function in the grand scheme of things. We have to have the strength to refuse the lies we are told on a daily basis. Anakin couldn't do that, because he was blinded by what I call "being on the right side" syndrome. He had no understanding of how he functioned as a machine for someone who had plans contrary to his.

In the real world it is much the same. I admit that sometimes there is so much to think about that you just want to bury your head to forget it all. At what cost I ask? Are we doomed to become as evil as Anakin/Darthvader. He buried his head to what was happening to him because he was busy doing what he believed was saving those he loved and the Republic. While that is a grand and noble gesture, he couldn't see that he needed to save himself from becoming the tool of those bent on destroying the very things he was fighting for. In the process he lost all or depending on who you're talking to gained a lot of power.

I admit to burying my own head in the daily grind. I am lifting it today but any effective remedy requires that many others do the same. But I am worried because like Anakin, my fellow Americans are allowing the machinations of Palpatine, er... the neo-cons to continue. It means we silently condone the meanspirited, self serving, abuse of others carried out by our so called leaders. In our moments of idealism we think that it is enough to want good things or look only at the positive side and it will turn out ok. Wishful thinking. You have to wonder if this way of being is all there is to reality. For many who cannot accept that this is all, the lack of understanding of self often lead to belief systems. These systems further trap us in this reality and make us tools of the Palpatines of this world. Fundamentalist minions anyone?

When and how did our collective choices based on beliefs lead to this? Anakin Skywalker never saw the trap and neither do we as Americans. It is depressing. It means we won't be in a position to find a way out until it is too late, much blood has been shed and we have lost all that we tried so desperately to hold on to.

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Debt Slavery

Has anyone been looking at the economy lately?
Are you one of thousands of Americans with high credit card debt incurred exercising your patriotism? Remember after the early days after 9-11 being encouraged to spend because it was patriotic and it stimulated the economy, especially for downtown NYC? Well guess how you have been rewarded?

Christmas came early this year for credit-card corporations, courtesy of Capitol Hill. After an eight-year multimillion dollar lobbying effort by financial-industry giants, the House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed their heinous "Debt Slavery" Bankruptcy Bill (S. 256/H.R. 685) last week by a lopsided 302-126 vote.


Is it me or has patriotism and debt slavery replaced freedom and liberty? As one of those who watch the signs of the times noted;

"......another possible career move for financially-desperate Americans: the military."

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Spinning tails and a vegetative state.

The world continues to burn and our ability to accept the brain junk we're fed by our slavemasters and their appointed overseers in the media is rapidly increasing. Maybe it's because there is very little choice in the matter. Maybe it is just as another writer described; I no longer live in the good ole US of A, I live in the" United Vegetative Sates of America. "

The other morning as I was getting ready for work, I turned on the TV to get the weather from the morning news. I figured it would take too much time to turn on the computer. As I moved around the house I got a glimpse of the news analysts spinning their tails. Yes, you read that correctly. They must have lost something while growing their tails, because they don't even have the ability to spin a good tale. Or maybe it's that most of us have lost the ability to recognize the danger in believing the bull we're sold each day by the spinmasters. What passes for news analysis makes me wonder if humanity is devolving. These analysts can't possibly be using their brains to figure out what the recent criminal round up by the federal marshals points to. I too would like criminals off the streets but something else is going on. Surely they can't be trying to figure out what the fuss about judges stemming from the Schiavo mess is about. The last bastion of the illusion of democracy has been targeted and the Michael Jackson case is so much more important.They can't or perhaps can and do know just what it's all about.

Perhaps it is up to us slaves of the system to figure out for ourselves what is going on 'cause what we don't know can really hurt us. Here are examples of what we rarely hear from the tail reporters and analysts. Maybe they think that none of us can smell the stink that permeates the air as they lift their big fat tails and spin it. But I won't rant too much longer because I really don't have to rely to the tail spinners to learn what's going on for now. I have a fairly reliable source, for the time being. If more of you web experts keep talking about the signs of the times we're in, the tail spinners may have less viewers and listeners to spin their tales for. I can only dream that along will come a brain user on the morning news so I can get my weather forecast without choking on the hypocrisy of mainstream American news. Then again, maybe I shouldn't be so lazy and just turn on the darn computer.

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Entropy continues as we focused on Rome

I thought I'd get back to the purpose of this blog. It was to show how events that transpire in our current society reflect our state of enslavement. While we are distracted, we continue to serve in some shape or form. We can serve others or self. We can serve the creative forces of existence or the destructive. If we ask ourselves what forces are we aligned with as a species, clearly history and the present time will show that for the most part we are aligned with the destructive entropic forces. Some do so knowingly, most unconsciously. It is my opinion that the only hope for humanity is to see the fruits of our choices so that we can come to know fully the forces we serve. Maybe then we can choose to serve something different. Being able to make a conscious choice and follow it through is just what freedom is all about.

The past few weeks have been somewhat surreal. For me it was a constant battle to continue focusing so that I can see the world as is. It was depressing to know how I have participated in this world's undoing in various ways. I work and pay taxes like good citizens are supposed to. My taxes and your taxes support the death of children. How good a citizen are we then? I don't agree with my government's choices but it is hard not to get caught up in the media frenzy or what I call the big distraction. But such is life in the information/disinformation age. While I could hardly make a turn without having Terri Schiavo, Micheal Jackson or Pope stories being forced into my consciousness for the past few weeks, other events just as tragic, bewildering, awe inspiring and downright shocking were occurring. I even wrote about two of the big distractions myself. Let's see a few of what we missed when all eyes were elsewhere, particularly on Rome.

The Iraq casualty list continues to grow. Iraqis continue to resist the unjust occupation of their country. So much for Bush's "they'll welcome us with open arms" rhetoric. Imagine your liberator saying you're free from tyranny then wanting to be the one to approve your constitution.The situation for Iraqi children is worse than it was under the horrible Saddam Hussein. Even the Brits admit the intelligence used to justify the war was faulty.

The genocide of the Palestinians and the brainwashing of ordinary Jews about the situation in Israel continues. Even Harlem kids in 2002 recognized the human rights violations there. What is wrong with most of us why we either can't see it or ignore it? Look at the numbers. While neither Jew or Arab or any human should suffer these indignities it is clear that the Palestinians are the victims here. What's wrong with our government? What's wrong with the Zionists who shout "never again" while allowing it to happen again to Semites in Israel? Is this leading to the destruction of all Semites or could it be that only one type of so called Semitic life has value to Zionists? Could both be true? While associating with Semites of a certain type, a Dane was arrested for getting beaten up by uzi toting settlers who were of another self proclaimed Semitic type.

On the technology front, better tools are being developed to enslave the population. We may even make a nice adaptable Nano army? A Japanese town had a robot police chief for a brief moment, while Korea was working of its own robot army. Keep in mind that police chiefs and soldiers are rather robotic already. What about our minds? It's hardly our own now. What happens when there is workable technology for these patents? Then again, the question only applies if we presume there aren’t workable versions of science and technology already in use. Take the for example the drugging of the nation. Another pain killer was pulled off the market, never mind we were previously sold on how good they were. Official sources have yet to seriously investigate possible links between anti-depressants, ADHD drugs and the spate teen killings. What are some other effects ? Why should our government, the media or anybody investigate anyway? Scandal after scandal relating to government linked criminal activities arise only to gently fade leaving us more confused. Drugs, guns, porn and death are but a few that naming such scandals has become a contest. So while the media informed us of every detail in the life of our characters of distraction, we missed more signs that the economic bubble is about to explode and another unethical individual was asked to fill a position of leadership in our government.

The weight of self-serving contributions to entropy is becoming unbearable. The universe's response is reflected environmentally on the BBM just as it has in the past. These are but a few of what we were missing with all the hoopla. There is so much more but one would fill pages for eternity and not get to it all. Can we align with the creative principle? I believe the answer is yes. As the rumors and intrigues about the power elites doings arise, a few attempt to see the connections and possible meaning. It takes creative effort. The Dane I mentioned above, I think is doing some good to contribute to creativity. Though he chose a rather difficult and risky path to the truth of what is occurring in Palestine, it took being in the hot zone to see.

Every time we believe the lies of our government we run the risk of losing our souls. I don't think anything could have prepared him like experiencing the cold hard facts of life in an occupied territory did. Regardless of what he previously believed about the rationality of the police, he learned the hard way that in Israel rationality has long been discarded. The world is on the same track. Sadly it seems most of us will have to face our own hot zone before we can see what is and choose. We can choose either the freedom of truth or continue with the default mode of being a slave to lies.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Who was the pope?

Someone asked me how could I write something positive about the pope or even fall for the Schiavo con job by the press. To set the record straight, I am not a catholic pro-life liberal. Those are terms set to limit who or what I am or can be. I don't even belong to any particular religion. I do accept there is something greater than myself in the universe. I am learning to become a person capable of living truthfully with myself and others. I am learning to be of service. Some days the lessons are harder than others. It means accepting the truth and rejecting the lies even when the lies are easier. As I am learning to discern, I see how easy it is for me to make snap judgements without viewing the evidence objectively. So I'm going to take a second look at the Pope.

To many he was a great man to others not so great. In fact some see him as another part of the system of lies. While the latter may be true, he discerned some truths and preached it.
The church he led, like many other religious organizations reinforce the lie under a false veneer of truth. I've been duly presented with "the evidence". It doesn't mean that nothing worthwhile can be learned from the church or the pope's life. An example is the catholic reporter link on this blog. I find stuff there that makes sense and forces one to look at the truth as some of the Pope's statements have done for me. Just as I find stuff at various places, though my favorite at the moment is signs of the times, I find truth in some of the things the Pope had to say.

The Pope inspired many to be more compassionate, or as compassionate as one could be when our minds are held hostage. His inaction on some issues allowed many of the injustices he spoke against to continue. As such don't think he was a savior. He was just a man struggling with the human condition as we all do. That he did it through the lens of the religious convictions of the catholic church, set a limit on how far he would go. Still his convictions guided his life to serve some good for others as professed by those he has touched. Like most of us I'm sure he did his share of bad deeds too.

What I do know is he spoke out about many forms of injustice and reached out to various groups that are often ignored. He spoke against economic exploitation, and saw that this war we are fighting in Iraq is unjust. I also know that his mind,like most other human minds, is ruled by a predator. As Castaneda's Don Juan would say: it is is "baroque", "contradictory", "morose". We can however get glimpses of truth. It is this that I was thinking of when I wrote about the Pope. That part of him that holds the possibility for truth. So he did not specifically speak out against the church's discriminatory stance toward homosexuals or women. I do agree that it contradicts his views about injustice. In fact he firmly defended the church's more discriminatory doctrines. However, since to me speaking against injustice implies injustice against all, his talks inspired me to work toward this, even if in practice he himself didn't quite get there. I don't know if I will either but I continue to work. I don't for a minute think or expect the church or any other organization to be pristine and holy in these things. That it is run by humans imprisoned by the desires of the predator's mind says a lot. That it has managed to serve many in various ways is refreshing. It is more refreshing when I see some get past even those limits to reminded us of some of the important things, especially during times when it is most difficult to think about. He taught us that our materialistic attitudes and exploitation of others are the ways in which we lose compassion and our humanity. He showed me that it is not just about what we want and want now, but about the sea of humanity striving to be free.

As I said in a previous blog he probably did as much as he could with what he had in him. I do know that Pope John Paul II spoke the absolute truth when he talked about the culture of death. If more of us had the concern for others and the disclipline he had, even if this disclipline was mostly used to staunchly defend the not so nice policies of the church, maybe we could come together and find a way to put it to good use. Maybe even find a way out of the enslavement of our minds, bodies and souls.

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Culture of Death

"A culture of death seeks to impose itself on our desire to live and live to the full. There are those who reject the light of life, preferring the fruitless works of darkness. Their harvest is injustice, discrimination, exploitation, deceit, violence. In every age, a measure of their apparent success is the death of innocents. In our own century, as at no other time in history, the culture of death has assumed a social and institutional form of legality to justify the most horrible crimes against humanity: Genocide, "final solutions," "ethnic cleansings," and the massive taking of lives of human beings before they are born or before they reach the natural point of death."
---Pope John Paul II

Added to the social and institutional form of legality are phenomena such as "premptive srikes," "fight against terrorists,"either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists." Shamefully, there are so many others we could add from the paradigm of our current culture that one can only conclude that the culture of death is not seeking to impose itself. Rather,it is THE culture, our culture. As such, a culture which seeks to destroy quite naturally it too will be destroyed in the process. One need not do anything to bring it on as it does so on its own. The only hope is that room will be made for a culture of life, of light, of love via the natural possibility that something new and completely different often arise out of chaotic states. Those of us who deplore the culture of death, must find a way to be ready when this possiblity arise. Only then can one become a part of the future of life and light and love. Such a future does not entail waiting to be raptured, or having a great leader provide all the solutions to our problems. It is learning to be objective and see our current culture for what it is-a culture of slavery and death. It is rejecting all the ways in which we contribute to the culture of death beginning with refusal to believe the lies.

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Death of America

Rachel Corrie died around this time last year. This week another American woman has died though under different circumstances. Buried in the sensationalism of the past few weeks is the fact that another human being has had to suffer because of choices made by others. I wanted to avoid commenting on the big news story of the week but I couldn't help it. The death of this American woman Terri Schiavo, is symbolic of another dragged out possibly torturous death-the death of the American Republic. I know plently others such as Gore Vidal have written and shouted about this for a long time. It is a concept I would have believed preventable if not down right impossible in my once illusory view. I know better now. All one needs to do is take a look at the past and present. America's elite sacrifice Iraqis every day who are very much aware of what is happening to them. Countless other nations have also chosen torture and death for friends and enemies alike. We the American people have mostly turned a blind eye to it all.

As long as we can continue to be busy consumers who allow our children participate in the killing game we are indirectly condoing murder as fun. When we allow our military to use similar games to recruit our kids to kill for real and they die doing this job, we honor them as heroes. We directly choose to let Iraqi children, Afghani children, our children, die. When we turn a blind eye to the death and destruction of others, with ease we become victims of death and destruction ourselves. This is the essence of the death of America. Our allowances for the choices our government makes to torture and murder others is what gives people like Mike Schiavo the authority to make the choice he did concerning Terri.

As I wrote this, I received an email alert that the pope has died. I haven't checked to see if it's true. I can only think of others like him who used their authority (which comes from the choice to BE) to speak for the weak and dispossesed. I can see that such people are rapidly becoming a thing of the past. They have long carried the burden of witnessing and doing something about the persistent enslavement of this planet to no avail. Maybe the pople has done all he could with what he had in him and is duly tired of this world. As non religious as I am, I send prayers of thanks for the Rachel Corries and the Pope John Pauls, even Terri Schiavos of the world. They have reminded me that beauty and compassion though rare is possible only by us becoming its representative. I also pray for god or whomever, to have mercy on us for the kind of world we have participated in creating-a world where beauty and compassion has been held hostage by the slave masters. May we develop the will and ability release this hold and create something different.

Friday, March 25, 2005

Secret History and the DaVinci Code: entertainment or becoming free?

If you're like me, you may wonder what it is about a given work that makes it popular with so many. Take the Da Vinci Code for instance and all the ideas about Rennes-le Chateau and descendants of Jesus. Maybe it's the promise of entertaining us with a twist on the doctrines we have come to incorporate in our being as spiritual truth. It may or may not be about entertainment but it touches something in our psyche that induces us to question said teachings and possibly even the reality of the human condition. Maybe these works even induce a true grail quest. If the work really does this then it should remind us that things aren't always as they appear and that there is a destiny of man. They should also give some clues as to how to go about finding that destiny. They don't have to provide all the answers, just some clues.

The question is; does the Da Vinci Code accomplish that? This is where I find it and similar works lacking. They raise questions and presume to provide ready answers too. However, the answers essentially reinforce our beliefs about our reality rather than what is. They are answers that help to maintain our condition as slaves to a system we KNOW little but BELIEVE a lot about. But what do I know? It is afterall a work of fiction for fun reading during free time. It is afterall marketed as entertainment, even if most fans see it as disguised truths. How many would even consider that this Rennes le Chateau meme is exactly what the slavemasaters would like for us to think? The more we read this stuff, the more we become convinced we are learning the truth hidden in fiction. Truth can be entertaining for many. Then again lies are devices of mechanical popularity which is fueled by popular fiction like the Da Vinci code. I rather learn the truth not for entertainment sake but to find a way out of this mess we are in. If it also entertains then all the better.

So you may be wondering which works I consider to live up to this ideal of mine. The aptly named The Secret History of the World and How to Get Out Alive written by Laura Knight Jadczyk is one. It delves into mysteries surrounding the ark of the tabernacle, the Holy Grail and DNA. It draws on science, math, history, philosphy and religion. It discusses the contributions of great teachers such as Fulcanelli, Gurdjieff and of course Jesus, as well as secret societies and the age old conspiracies surrounding their mysteries. You may think it sounds a teensy bit like Dan Brown's The DaVinci Code but there is a fundamental difference. Dan Brown aims to entertain and possibly even entrain minds towards holding a particular belief. Laura Knight Jadczyk aims to and does show how all these things relate to the perpetual enslavement of our mind body and soul, and how we can work on becoming free and getting out alive.

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