Friday, March 04, 2005

No approval needed, we've got your mind

I was thinking about my blog titled Tacit Approval and realized I was wrong. The powers that be seeks no one's approval. They do what they want. If there is a slight possibly for dissent, all sorts of tricks are in place to keep us from seeing what is in front of us. This is nothing new. At one time religion was enough to take our mind away from the harsh reality of our self serving existence. Drugs, force of arms and scare tactics are part of the methods. As technology advanced and access to info became more available, a more subtle combination of methods for managing the herd became necessary. A good timeline of our current madness can be found in various places on the web.

There seems to be a foucus on protecting us from our behaviors. Some are behaviors involving food, sex, and presumed terrorism. But even mundane stuff likecrossing the street isn't immune. Despite over time our brains turning to mush from TV, dumbed down education and various methods, some of us must still work hard to maintain functionality and the ability to see. When you take a look around, what you will find is increased legislation against engaging in certain activities. Some of these legislations may have a point outside of keeping us enslaved, but what is the point really? Take for example the smoking issue. We just "know" smoking is bad based on the all the evidence presented by the powers that be. It "causes" cancer. What they don't tell you is why. Could it be radioactive tobacco and not inhaling nicotine per se? Then there is the evidence that smoking is beneficial in some ways. Researchers who clearly know the benefits will be quick to point out how bad it is in various ways while describing the benefit in a line or two if at all. If they don't do this you see, they will lose research funding.

Smoking tobacco has been so maligned that it is difficult to examine the issue objectively. There are still a few who can. The team that produces the news pages signs of the time have written about this as well. Their take on it can be found here. Years of failing to pay attention to objective reality and respond accordingly, have undoubtedly led to atrophied brain function to say the least. When it is illegal to protect those brain functions involved in, memory, perception, emotion, alertness, and movement(all required in order to become free) then you know the slave masters are serious about maintaining the herd. What we are told by the PTB becomes the reality whether or not this is the case. So they don't need our approval. We will look to them for approval because we can hardly think for ourselves. If you can't think, you can't figure a way out of slavery.

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