Friday, March 25, 2005

Secret History and the DaVinci Code: entertainment or becoming free?

If you're like me, you may wonder what it is about a given work that makes it popular with so many. Take the Da Vinci Code for instance and all the ideas about Rennes-le Chateau and descendants of Jesus. Maybe it's the promise of entertaining us with a twist on the doctrines we have come to incorporate in our being as spiritual truth. It may or may not be about entertainment but it touches something in our psyche that induces us to question said teachings and possibly even the reality of the human condition. Maybe these works even induce a true grail quest. If the work really does this then it should remind us that things aren't always as they appear and that there is a destiny of man. They should also give some clues as to how to go about finding that destiny. They don't have to provide all the answers, just some clues.

The question is; does the Da Vinci Code accomplish that? This is where I find it and similar works lacking. They raise questions and presume to provide ready answers too. However, the answers essentially reinforce our beliefs about our reality rather than what is. They are answers that help to maintain our condition as slaves to a system we KNOW little but BELIEVE a lot about. But what do I know? It is afterall a work of fiction for fun reading during free time. It is afterall marketed as entertainment, even if most fans see it as disguised truths. How many would even consider that this Rennes le Chateau meme is exactly what the slavemasaters would like for us to think? The more we read this stuff, the more we become convinced we are learning the truth hidden in fiction. Truth can be entertaining for many. Then again lies are devices of mechanical popularity which is fueled by popular fiction like the Da Vinci code. I rather learn the truth not for entertainment sake but to find a way out of this mess we are in. If it also entertains then all the better.

So you may be wondering which works I consider to live up to this ideal of mine. The aptly named The Secret History of the World and How to Get Out Alive written by Laura Knight Jadczyk is one. It delves into mysteries surrounding the ark of the tabernacle, the Holy Grail and DNA. It draws on science, math, history, philosphy and religion. It discusses the contributions of great teachers such as Fulcanelli, Gurdjieff and of course Jesus, as well as secret societies and the age old conspiracies surrounding their mysteries. You may think it sounds a teensy bit like Dan Brown's The DaVinci Code but there is a fundamental difference. Dan Brown aims to entertain and possibly even entrain minds towards holding a particular belief. Laura Knight Jadczyk aims to and does show how all these things relate to the perpetual enslavement of our mind body and soul, and how we can work on becoming free and getting out alive.

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