Saturday, September 10, 2005

Prophecies and FEMA

So I've been back after a brief rest outside of the land of the free-dom-less. My oh my have the landscape changed. The head of FEMA rolled after major disaster where the agency has once again shown it's inaptitude for preparing for its own predictions.
Citizens of California beware; FEMA predicted and earthquake for you.

Lets see their latest record

PREDICTION: new York city and WTC RESULT: The world trade center on 9/11/01
is a terrorist target.
PREDICTION: Flooding after storm or RESULT:Katerina-need I say more?
Hurricane will devastated
New Orleans
PREDICTION: massive eradicated California RESULT: Still waiting

Now FEMA is just one agency and their legendary ineptitude goes beyond any unqualified head or lousy US president. They and many others are responsible but there is more here. We are responsible for paying attention too so we don't fall for their lies. We must ask when greed and neglect allow natural disasters like New Orleans to become downright hell on earth, someone benefits. Who? Someone benefits when you see your fellow citizens or "refugees" evacuees or whatever they are calling them this week, rounded up and taken to camps (caveat here but even if untrue, the "shelters" are refugee camp like). Who? When those who are supposed to help the victims subject them to conditions most indusive to violence and rioting, someone benefits. Who? Why were so many guns available to those who could hardly feed themselves? But I digress:

When victims, are fed junk food, are not allowed to leave the area but given cell phones and money to essentially "stay in their place"all because they have nowhere else to go even if they wanted to, we have a problem. Someone benefits !!! With each new emergency, the same group of people benefit while our so called freedom suffers further decline. When it's a FEMA predicted disaster the point it is even more obvious. FEMA doesn't manage emergencies they help create 'em or make natural ones much worse so their masters can institute greater lock down. They and other government agencies have predicted a disaster in one of the largest states. hoo boy....

Now why I would put the image of a book on 911 when writing about FEMA? It gives evidence as to the real beneficiaries of recent disasters. Ms Knight-Jadczyk has a way with research and tracking clues. I have mentioned her previous work here. After reading 911 the Ultimate Truth you will certainly get an idea about predictions and prophecies and those with the capability to make them come true in some way shape or form. FEMA is only the tip of the iceberg.

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