Saturday, April 23, 2005

Debt Slavery

Has anyone been looking at the economy lately?
Are you one of thousands of Americans with high credit card debt incurred exercising your patriotism? Remember after the early days after 9-11 being encouraged to spend because it was patriotic and it stimulated the economy, especially for downtown NYC? Well guess how you have been rewarded?

Christmas came early this year for credit-card corporations, courtesy of Capitol Hill. After an eight-year multimillion dollar lobbying effort by financial-industry giants, the House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed their heinous "Debt Slavery" Bankruptcy Bill (S. 256/H.R. 685) last week by a lopsided 302-126 vote.


Is it me or has patriotism and debt slavery replaced freedom and liberty? As one of those who watch the signs of the times noted;

"......another possible career move for financially-desperate Americans: the military."

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