Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Assigning COINTELPRO agents to Anti-Pathocrats

I was getting my daily update from alternative news sources like signs of the times because mainstream media is the instrument of pathocracy and and abolitionist has to be informed. Lo and behold! I was suprised to see that I couldn't access one of my old reliables. I figured out why. Just as Octavia Butler's heroines have to deal with agents and shady characters of all stripes, it seems Laura Knight-Jadczyk, the owner of Signs of the Times got assigned her own special agent. This or these (they usually assign more than one) particular agent(s) have much power because they managed to get the site shut down. Check out the entire saga here. It details how the pathocrats operate to keep the truth from us. If miss Jadczyk is anything like Octavia's heroines, and I know she is, she has to be careful with this one. She herself has said:
"Now folks, come on, how many websites that were just started by an ordinary guy who took on a couple of "ordinary" partners, and is just a hobby and sharing on the internet, are able to afford a copyright attorney in McLean Virginia???"
It means these particular agents are big time if you think about the area called McLean Virginia. Ordinary folks, especially those seeking to become free ought to check this out and rally around one of the rare truthseekers who actually share what they learn with us so that we can become free.

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