Wednesday, February 16, 2005

seeking tacit approval to further enslave

The more I read the more I realize that most of what passes as news does so because of situations that has existed from time immemorial. A majority of the worlds’ citizens are under socioeconomic constraints which keeps us primarily focused on surviving till the next day. Another is the lack of access to information needed for forming a sound knowledge base. These things keep us enslaved. There are some that work hard to ensure that conditions remain pretty much as they always have, or even worse. Those are the slave overseers or what I call agents of the slave masters. Even when living in a society that isn't as harsh materially, the truth of our enslavement is covered in a mountain of conflicting information. No more is this obvious than during war and other deliberate upheavals. It is a time of low truth to high disinformation ratio. In otherwords much gets lost in the process of war.

Oppression of others is also used to keep us divided and further enslaved by making us think we are free compared to others. It is done by making us believe that those seeking freedom are terrorists. In such an atmosphere, it is almost certain death to attempt to pursue freedom for oneself or others. Here are the latest headlines about the doings of the agents of enslavement:

Hariri`s consultant: Hariri`s assassination by Mossad aimed at creating tension in lebanon
Hariri was described as:
“... one of the few "men of peace" left in the Middle East. In his two terms as Lebanese PM since 1990 he had brought Lebanon out of the carnage wrought by 15 years of civil war and set it well on the way to becoming once more the "Paris of the Middle East."

"By murdering Hariri and having the blame pinned on Syria, the Mossad have removed a stablising influence on recovering Lebanese society and the Middle East in general."

From the BBC:
Explosion kills former Lebanon PM

US warns Syria over Lebanon role

You can’t help but wonder how convenient this is for our warmongering leaders here in the land of the free. First they’ve been making a stink about Iran and Syria and others in the axis of evil. They don't however talk of directly invading. They threaten to if the axis members refuse change their terrorist ways or stop harboring terrorists. The overseers don’t want millions in the streets protesting a direct invasion, even if those protests will accomplish nothing. They want to have or appear to have tacit approval of the slaves. So how do you do an Iraq without so obviously doing an Iraq in Syria or Iran ? "By murdering Hariri and having the blame placed on Syria". Then you issue a warning to Syria, so us slaves will associate Syria with the murder of a peacekeeper whether or not this is the case. Then Iran will rightfully be concerned and side with Syria in what it sees as unfair treatment. Via the manipulation of our wonderful 4th estate the wrath of the disinformed oppressed will turn against Syria, Iran and all others in the axis of evil. We will think it good to go liberate those Iranian or Syrian citizens who want to be rid of terrorist.

Ah, there’s nothing like slaves killing other slaves. They do a better job than the slavemasters and it's less costly. I dare say the overseers know this.

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