Monday, February 14, 2005

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I posted this photo of a book I am currently reading. I've been harping on this freedom stuff and the more I look into it, the more I see that on all levels we are duped. Some deliberately want us to be ignorant and have systems in place for us to remain so. But for too many of us we are duped because ignorance is easy. Truth requires work beyond accepting simple ideologies. Yet many of us act as if all we need to do is believe . Consequently, we remain ignorant of many things that occur on this big blue marble. By default we become incapable of making the conscious choices required of a free being. So as long as we remain ignorant we can never truly be free.

There is a saying that knowledge is freedom. It is only freedom when utilized. One cannot understand the present or prepare for the future without a firm grasp of what went before. If we remain on the course we have been on, we have no future. This book helps us to see what went before as well as the possibilities for gaining freedom and a future. Posted by Hello

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