Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Bush Debt 7.7 Trillion

I am no Clinton fan. I think he was a covert fascist in his own way. But gads!
The fictitious money he helped create out of nothing at least created a surplus.

Thanks to the Think Progress peeps for this one.

Today, lawmakers took to the Senate floor and blasted President Bush’s wasteful spending. To fully illustrate the impact, Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI), brought up a chart showing the budget plans of President Clinton versus the budget formulated by Bush. He concluded that by squandering Clinton’s government surplus, Bush has cost the country $7.7 trillion:

We are told to be worried about terrorists and the evils they do because they hate our American way of life, our wonderful freedoms. But who is it that has wrecked our way of life and restricted our freedoms? Under whose leadership have we gone down the same road the Soviets traveled when they went into Afghanistan? The US is bleeding and our money and manpower is being drained by poorly planned, executed and unnecessary wars. Do these people in office not learn from history, or do they always believe they operate under the law of exception?

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