Saturday, July 15, 2006

The Israeli strikes on Lebanon.

Just as the voices condemning Israel for the situation in Gaza, and the apartheid wall began to grow, conveniently Hizbollah gave them a reason to show the world that Arabs that are baaaad. Regardless, of who the bad guys are, it is always the common man, that pays. Certainly there are Arab terrorists just as there are Israeli terrorists. You don't hear too much about the latter but a few years back one killed a Jewish political leader, that wasn't tough enough on
Arabs. Most Arabs for that matter like most Jews are not terrorists. What is happening in Palestine and Lebanon is punishing civilan Arabs across the board. This interview of a citizen of Gaza tells how the common man pays.

Israel is once again testing the reslove of the world and franky based on the responses so far, The world has none. The bully can continue to run roughshod over the Palestinians and as the latest news attest, the Lebanese. Through it all, I keep hearing about Israel's right to defend itself .

As Robert Fisk wrote in the independent two days ago
.. prisoner swaps is probably all that will come of this. In January 2004,
for example, Israel freed 436 Arab prisoners and released the bodies of 59
Lebanese for burial, in return for an Israeli spy and the bodies of three
Israeli soldiers.As long ago as 1985, three Israeli soldiers captured in 1982
were traded for 1,150 Lebanese and Palestinian prisoners. So Hizbollah knows -
and the Israelis know - how this cruel game is played. How many have to die
before the swaps begin is a more important question.

What should be done to those who play with people's lives like this? These acts by Israel are atrocious and I'm being mild here. Within the next few weeks, the streets of cities with major jewish populations around the world will see rallies in support of Israel's vicious acts. Who is rallying for the poor Palestinians and Lebanese civilans that are suffering? Worse yet do everyday people really know what these latest attacks mean. I'll spell it out as my jewish friend did on this discussion forum.'s important to remember the Jewish motto that comes from the Bible: "Tamut
Nafshi Im Plishtim" Translation: "I (My soul) will die with the enemies".
Meaning: "If Israel is attacked, all Arab enemies will be destroyed, and
if we die, we take you with us." This is the attitude.

And also
Another thing to remember, are words by Martin Van Creveld
"Our armed forces are not the thirtieth strongest in the world, but rather the second or third. We have the capability to take the world down with us. And I can assure you that that this will happen before Israel goes under."

Isreal has nuclear weapons. Are we all willing to go down in a nuclear conflagation with them because of their arrogance?

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    I saw a sad fact today , 130 Jews killd, 90 Lebanese.. Sod the terrorists ! I am still flying to see my darling girl Debbie (
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