Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Alito Confirmation Blues

There is nothing to fear except the persistent refusal to find out the truth, the persistent refusal to analyze the causes of happenings
--------Dorothy Thompson

It seems the fuhrer's pick will be confirmed for his seat on the supreme court. It's another in a long list of signs that the fascist rulers no longer wish to do their dirty deeds undercover. Our enslavement is blatant and increasingly oppressive. I pray that the
does not render us so weak that we keep choosing slavery. I am also beginning to see that answers to such prayers can only come from us deciding act by choosing truth, and being that truth. We must resist until our dying breath even when it appears that nothing can be done. They kill us regardless. If the killing isn't done directly, they use ponerological tools to keep us in place while cannibalizing us a little at a time. We do however have a choice even when they say otherwise. We can BE what the power elite bunch cannot. Let us be representatives of truth and freedom. Let's study ponerology and learn how they enslave us. Then let's share what we learn so that we can become free.

I know at times like today when looms, it is easy to lose the courage necessary for doing this. The words of others can help. Words of those who choose to resist by documenting the lies of our enslavers are invaluable. Even if I don't agree with every single thing they write, the actions taken by those like Cindy Sheehan, Laura Knight-Jadczyk, Kurt Nimmo and John Kaminsky, Jeff Wells and others are necessary. They to put themselves on the line and stand up for truth. It means that we can and must do the same because they are fighting to be free so that we all can be free. As repayment they get lambasted by conscious and unconscious agents of day in day out. Yet, they keep going. So I say when discouraged, get a dose of the objective reality to be found in their writings and keep going forward with the fight. As I've mentioned before in a slightly different way, it is up to each of us who wish to see truth prevail to do everything we can to make it so.

As Ms Jadczyk said:
"Just now, activists are the physicians of society. We can't do a thing
if we don't know the nature of the disease...."

Those people mentioned above including Ms Jadczyk can teach us a thing or two about the nature of the disease. To continue with some of her lessons:

...Modern COINTELPRO has been developed to an all new level of complexity and sophistication even if they still use many of the old tried and true methods of defamation and slander. After all, they have had access to some excellent talent to figure out how the human mind works and to know how to get to people and even to "trigger" them at a distance. I'm not talking about mysterious "mind control" experiments here, but simple psychological knowledge, though I won't discount the direct experimentation. After all, if you have some control over what kind of psychological "diet" is being fed to a society, you can pretty well set them up to do what you want right there in front of God and everybody. Education, religion, television, video games, control of the media for "ideological vectoring," etc. It's a pretty formidable array. But again, most of it is "terror tactics." We need to study it and find the curative means and employ them.

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