Friday, October 07, 2005

Da Vinci code redux and other sci fi

Continuing with my SciFi theme, I recently read Colin Wilson's The mind parasites. If you haven't heard of it, it was first published in 1967, and is out of print. A synopsis can be found here:

If you're into all that government/elite military industrial corporate occult business you will find the book somewhat comical. If you think about the scenario that it proposes, something not far from the predator's mind of Carlos Castaneda's teachings of Don Juan or Gurdjieff's man as machine and food for the moon, it is downright scary. So I call it a comic horror with very relevant stuff. Sadly I was ingrigued but disappointed. It ended up supporting the idea that good guy scientists MUST plot with the US president to hoodwink the populace in order to save them. The salvation is from some "other" very bad humans not necessarily the mind parasites since the brilliant scientists are quite capable of taking care of them on their own. The president and the scientists save humanity from other bad humans by faking an alien invasion. Thus the populace was tricked into quitting a war they were insistent on fighting. Never mind it was a war other world leaders manipulated their citizens into to begin with.

Though my synopsis is rather simplistic, it's a good idea to read the book if you can get it. It forces you to think about stuff. Stuff that even if you don't believe it, and real life powerbrokers pretend is all bunk they spend a lot of time and money researching. Worse, they spit out disinfo regarding what they know about such stuff to draw our attention away from the real deal. One such book which does a good job in putting out intriguing ideas but draw attention away from the real deal is The Da vinci Code. I'll be honest, it's a fun fast paced read, much like Mind Parasites. Yet, I believe it is so popular because it presents a story with a ring of truth or rather attempts to reveal the real life mystery surrounding, the feminine principle, Christ, Da Vinci and god know what else Dan Brown could throw in. Who wouldn't want to know about that. Also like Mind Parasites, it is an adventure story involving world class academics who stumble upon a paradigm changing mystery. I won't go into much more detail about the book though since so many have already read it. There is however a real Da Vinci Code to contend with, which in my view the Dan Brown gets wrong. Laura Jadczyk's Secret History of the world and how to get out alive previously mentioned on these pages, is one book that points to the possibility of what the real code may be. I recently learned that there is an update of an article concerning the very topic and it's well worth the read.

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