Monday, September 19, 2005

Katrina and 911 part II

I previously talked about the fallout from hurricane Katrina. This week it seems our president is trying to make amends and cover his a***. I don't believe it for a minute because it is eerily familiar. It's like when the disaster occurred on 911 and he began his claims about the poor Iraqis suffering under Saddam "soon to nuke us" Hussein as an excuse for war. In a similar vein the Katrina debacle is being used to conduct military operations against American citizens on American soil. After 911 so powerful these neo-cons have become that even the fourth estate has acquiesced. I found it interesting that so many well known media people, those most in a position to highlight what has been happening to this country, were marginalized, retired or just died under mysterious (Hunter S. Thompson) or not so mysterious (Peter Jennings)circumstances. Even with the slight rumbles being heard from conventional media people you've gota ask questions. Below is the latest from retired Tom Brokaw. It's also interesting he was only able to say this after leaving his job.

"Our national leaders and their hired guns create fears and exploit them," Brokaw said. "Politics always has been a rough business, but now it's a cold, take-no-prisoners attitude."
This is exactly what the events of 9/11/2001 created, the "take no prisoners attitude" with the result being Katrina like situations. Not only have these so called leaders shown total irresponsibility, they just don't give a hoot. Our government declared war on American civil liberties disguised as war on terror. With Katrina,this phase of the war is called better disaster preparedness with military involvement. What is the truth of that fateful day in September four years ago? What is the truth of what is happening now? Could it be that there is also a major issue with the state of our nation's finances. Are our brazen leaders aware of how people will behave when they can't afford food as meteors, hurricanes, earthquakes and tsunami's are approaching? Is all this stuff including draining our treasury and increasing militarization on American soil preparation for this? Is it something else and are other nations involved? I am afraid events during this administration's rule is already like many past events which clearly pointed to a conspiracy but is too muddled with emotional reactions,lies and manipulations to make heads or tails of. We may never get to the bottom of it all but there are hints at one or two places to look.
Note the following concerning a group of people caught celebrating the event at the towers burned: We can sort of call them Arab terrorists even if they're most likely Israeli spies.

Mysterious 911 moving van operator reportedly back in theUS After the Israelis were detained for several months in Brooklyn as terrorist suspects, they were quickly deported to Israel. After the FBI questioned Suter on September 11, he fled the United States on September 14, 2001. The FBI was due to question Suter again before he fled the country. Later, Federal law enforcement agents discovered pipes, caps, explosive chemical materials, and traces of anthrax at the Weehawken warehouse. Suter's name and those of some of his moving employees
turned up in a CIA database of foreign intelligence agents. Suter's name also appeared on an FBI 9-11 terrorism suspect list. "Suter ran the Weehawken, NJ-based moving company on 9-11 when a number of Urban Moving Systems vans were spotted around north Jersey before and after the hijacked planes struck the World Trade Center. One Urban Moving van was seen at Liberty State Park in Jersey City as the first plane hit the towers. The five occupants, all Israeli nationals, were seen videotaping and celebrating the attack and were dressed in
Arab clothing. The five were later arrested near Giant Stadium in East
Rutherford, NJ. One of the Israelis told police they were at Liberty State Park to "document the event."
So 9/11 speculations continue, our rights diminish and we become further enslaved as the USA marches on to third world status and the whole world burns. We can look forward to more Katrina like events and I don't mean just the natural disaster part. Though there's more of that to come too considering our regards for environment. The question is who gains the most or is seeking to gain the most in all of this?

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