Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Tom Cruise, aliens and perception

First I must let you know that I love neuroscience but more on that later.

Keeping on a the science fiction theme or rather not so fictional considering our current reality, I was wondering about the latest on Tom Cruise. You can't turn around without another person citing his bizarre behavior. Personally I think the guy was always bizarre considering his scientology affiliation and so so acting. Now the talk is of his belief in aliens.

So what? That isn't as bizarre as it sounds. Only now you have a link between his alien beliefs and his strange behavior. Coupled with the chemicals emotions ( based on a neuroscience study) women, and even the men who swoon at the mere mention of his name but are puzzled by his latest antics can all sigh in relief. That explains it. To believe in aliens means you are bizarre, not reasonable or rational. Plus, Tom is in love. That alone can make anyone irrational.

Tom's sure to be blockbuster was released today and in promotions he has been talking about all sorts of stuff. He has loads of fans and people who listen to what he says even if it's kind of strange (to many) of late. Recent neuroscience research revealed that what someone else says may change what you see. People may perceive a thing incorrectly just because someone said it is something other than what is.

We like to think that seeing is believing," said Dr. Gregory Berns, a psychiatrist and neuroscientist at Emory University in Atlanta who led the study.

But the study's findings, he said, show that seeing is believing what the group tells you to believe.

For a person like me who loves to learn about how the brain works, and how it may help us to become free, this study was a biggie. Another thing that is interesting in light of this is that many people listened to shrub's talk last night. It was more of what a certain group in Washington wants us to believe about the war on terror. This perception thing explains why so many prisoners of the American kind believe there is a link between Sept 11th and Iraq. Such perceptions give us justification of countless barbarous acts in our name. We also accept increasing slavery because of it. Soon we'll be perceiving aliens all aroud us too. Oh wait, many already perceive and even experience them. Some even think they'll save us from this mess. For how many is the perception based on a rational intelligent study of the phenomenom? Maybe it's because someone like Tom Cruise says they probably exist. What about those who think such beliefs mean you're nuts? Is that because the government says they don't exist?

I've never seen an alien so I can only speculate about their existence. Most days though I think what we call western civilization itself is alien. With the state of the world led by freedom free USA, who doesn't sometimes wonder if our government haven't been taken over by psychopathic aliens out to get us. Maybe they're just in love with something. War maybe? Do I sound as bizarro as Tom?

Want my opinion on the alien issue? I'm gonna give it anyway. I really think they exist in the white house.


But seriously we all can do with a good study of how the brain works, beliefs, perceptions, aliens and even the doings of our "alien" leadership in freedom free land. A good place to start can be found at

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