Saturday, April 16, 2005

Spinning tails and a vegetative state.

The world continues to burn and our ability to accept the brain junk we're fed by our slavemasters and their appointed overseers in the media is rapidly increasing. Maybe it's because there is very little choice in the matter. Maybe it is just as another writer described; I no longer live in the good ole US of A, I live in the" United Vegetative Sates of America. "

The other morning as I was getting ready for work, I turned on the TV to get the weather from the morning news. I figured it would take too much time to turn on the computer. As I moved around the house I got a glimpse of the news analysts spinning their tails. Yes, you read that correctly. They must have lost something while growing their tails, because they don't even have the ability to spin a good tale. Or maybe it's that most of us have lost the ability to recognize the danger in believing the bull we're sold each day by the spinmasters. What passes for news analysis makes me wonder if humanity is devolving. These analysts can't possibly be using their brains to figure out what the recent criminal round up by the federal marshals points to. I too would like criminals off the streets but something else is going on. Surely they can't be trying to figure out what the fuss about judges stemming from the Schiavo mess is about. The last bastion of the illusion of democracy has been targeted and the Michael Jackson case is so much more important.They can't or perhaps can and do know just what it's all about.

Perhaps it is up to us slaves of the system to figure out for ourselves what is going on 'cause what we don't know can really hurt us. Here are examples of what we rarely hear from the tail reporters and analysts. Maybe they think that none of us can smell the stink that permeates the air as they lift their big fat tails and spin it. But I won't rant too much longer because I really don't have to rely to the tail spinners to learn what's going on for now. I have a fairly reliable source, for the time being. If more of you web experts keep talking about the signs of the times we're in, the tail spinners may have less viewers and listeners to spin their tales for. I can only dream that along will come a brain user on the morning news so I can get my weather forecast without choking on the hypocrisy of mainstream American news. Then again, maybe I shouldn't be so lazy and just turn on the darn computer.

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