Wednesday, February 23, 2005


It's one of those days today. I am feeling melancholic and drained by the craziness that goes on in this world. I was thinking of the idea that; "Some people think that the world exists for them to overcome or ignore or shut out. For those individuals, the worlds will cease. They will become exactly what they give to life. They will
become merely a dream in the 'past.' People who pay strict attention to
objective reality right and left, become the reality of the 'Future.'"

Well objective reality is looking rather bleak. So what to do? Sometimes when the veneer of false freedom becomes completely unbearable, I put on some music by the Family Stand and just try to enjoy the raw emotion in their art. Some of my friends don't like it. It's like how dare I play what is essentially protest rock. Worse yet, it's the music of a self proclaimed black rock band whose only hit was a seemingly pro drug, R&B tune called ghetto heaven (they have much better songs). But I dare. Just listening to Sandra St Victor, VJ Smith and Peter Lord scream about the new world order, reminds me of why I keep going.

Sandra says:
Times are changing mass confusion
world in the midst of revolution
new world order same conclusion....

While Peter and VJ chime in:
I've got this problem with the system of denial
the world court circus where the clowns control the trial

It reminds me of the masks we all wear to avoid the notice of the slavemasters. It reminds me why many become obsolete, a dream of the past, via the pursuit of ghetto heaven. It also reminds me of what they allude to about the new world order. It has the same conclusion-keeping us enslaved. They also have a song called plantation radio, which is about how limiting radio stations can be about the type of music they play for fear of their losing target audience and advertising dollars. The same can be said for much of the mass media. Only they fear bringing the wrath of the national security apparatus on their heads. It's plantation radio, TV, newspapers etc. It's plantation nation indeed. While I'm on the plantation, ghetto heaven isn't gonna get me off, well it may in a totally unplanned and permanent way.

So only freedom will suffice. Freedom to see what is, not what my government deems ok for me to see, freedom to choose, to be. So I carry on even if I'm not sure it is possible. The music was good but it didn't really get me out of the funky mood, but that's ok too.

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